Logistics for Consumer Goods

一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水CMSTD has modern and standard stations, platforms and warehouses reaching a total area of over 400000 square meters. In line with its own warehouse logistics platforms and business requirements, CMSTD has set up its arterial transport networks and joint delivery systems in all major economic regions across the country, and is in a position to provide services for such consumer goods as daily-use chemicals, food and beverage, liquor, retail goods, cold-chain products, packaging and chemical products, medicines and healthcare products and project products, etc. in terms of warehousing, transportation, delivery, packaging, quality inspection, import customs clearance, etc. CMST has a contingent of seasoned and high-quality professionals that can provide personalized value-added services, and the company’s business system can offer such functions as inventory inquiry, en-route follow-up and route optimization to realize the effective matchup with the customer system.

CMST’s major customers include BMW, Siemens, GREE, Wuliangye, COFCO, Coca Cola, Yili, Walmart and CR Vanguard, etc.

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