Finance logistics

To effectively solve financing difficulties caused by the imperfection of the credit system, CMSTD established the movable property financing supervision business, first of its kind in China, in 1999. In more than one decade, CMSTD has offered finance logistics services to an accumulative total of approx. 5000 medium-size and small enterprises, realizing an accumulative financing total of more than 600 billion Yuan. CMSTD’s business varieties comprise 16 categories or more than 100 specific product varieties, including ferrous metal, nonferrous metal, coal, timber, oil and oil products, chemical products, agricultural and sideline products, foodstuffs and electrical home appliances, etc. CMSTD has entered into headquarters-to-headquarters strategic cooperation agreements with the head offices of more than 30 banks nationwide and established cooperative relations with more than 20 local banks. To cater to different needs of the customers, CMSTD has developed such business models as warehouse receipts impawning supervision, movables impawning supervision and chattel mortgage supervision, etc.

In the future, CMST will deepen the integration of finance and logistics, widely use IOT technologies to strengthen process supervision, and grasp information data on finance and logistics business across the board to ensure that the business operates safely and effectively to a larger extent.

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