Basic management

For many years, CMSTD has shaped its advanced corporate cultural concepts and intensive management model. Based on overall budget management, CMSTD has improved the incentive and 一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水restraint mechanism and built up a professionalized work team and a learning and innovative workforce. In addition, it also introduced the ISO 9001 Quality System to each level, each element and even the whole process of production and operation, and initially constructed an intensive, professionalized, marketized and modernized logistics management system.

一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水Quality Policy: best quality, high efficiency, convenience, satisfaction

Quality Objectives

CMSTD一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水 will make efforts to regulate itself in accordance with standards of ISO 9001:2008, constantly improve its management and service quality and make all kinds of client satisfaction.

一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水Client satisfaction rate is more than 95%.

一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水Qualification rate for checking and inspecting the conformity of accounts, cards and goods is more than 99%.

Precision rate for goods receiving and dispatching is more than 99.8%.

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