President address

Economic interaction and development and technological advancement home and abroad have brought about broad opportunities for the development of contemporary logistics. The logistics industry is calling for innovative and go-ahead enterprises to accomplish the historical mission with which social development and reform endows logistics.

一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水The 60-year development process has enabled CMST Development Co., Ltd. (CMSTD for short) to luckily become a company witnessing the history of New China growing into a prosperous country. Guided by the mission of “operating logistics from a global perspective and offering logistics services to the society”, CMSTD has made reforms and innovations constantly and, by taking national, social and customer needs as its own duty, CMSTD seeks to do its bit for the stable and sound operation of the society and the economy. As the inheritor, CMST’s historical and cultural accumulations have become the genes of CMSTD. In the new historical period, CMSTD has taken customer value as its target, applied itself to its business, management and technical innovations and made every effort to expand its business scale. With its ability to serve customers being improved constantly, CMSTD has achieved its leapfrog development.

In the future, CMSTD will take “building CMSTD into a modern integrated logistics flagship enterprise” as its vision and rely on its nationwide and overseas logistics networks to constantly expand its supply chain service space and to construct its public logistics platforms home and abroad to offer the best possible services to the customers.

一码一肖100准-一码一肖免费资料-香港一码一肖-一码一肖个人心水CMSTD would like to collaborate broadly with Chinese and foreign enterprises as well as all parties concerned to seek common development.

Chairman of the Board

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